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Dan Gravell

Introducing the new, free, 25 page Music Library Management e-book!

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Hi, I'm Dan and this is my first CA blog entry. Until now I've not been able to post for reasons described in the disclaimer at the foot of this post, but this time I've been given the "all clear"!

I'd like to introduce the readers of Computer Audiophile to my new, free, 25 (ish) page computer audio e-book, Music Library Management.

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Unlike the normal focus at Computer Audiophile on sound quality, this e-book concentrates on library quality. What do I mean by that? I mean all the ancillary tasks involved in managing a computer-based music library: ripping, tagging, backing up and more. I figured that there are a lot of audiophiles at CA with deep experience of extracting the best sound quality, but that's not all there is to computer audio; as well as sounding fantastic, your library needs to look beautiful, navigate easily, be searchable and restorable when the worst happens!

The e-book is split into four sections: procuring, storing, organising and securing, covering all the most important topics in general detail.

I've been working with computer audio since 1996 and have run my own software company developing software for organising computer audio libraries since 2009.

The book was released last Thursday and is downloadable from today!

Disclaimer: The above link points to my commercial site. Normally, linking to commercial sites is against the rules however in this case Chris Connaker has given the explicit all-clear in an email conversation.


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    Thanks for the Blog Dan.