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Headphone reviews

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I'm going to try doing a blog for headphone reviews here, but first I will have to figure out the proper format.


  1. preproman's Avatar
    Are you going to review some of the higher end headphones? Like the HD700 and others on that line.
  2. dalethorn's Avatar
    Probably not, since I have to buy everything myself. So far the only headphone I've been sent for a review is the German Maestro 8.35D. I will be getting a white VModa M80 for review in a few days, I'll be buying a Philips M1 shortly, and probably the B&W P3 in June. I'm also looking at the possibility of getting the Beyerdynamic T90, but given the price, I need to see a freq. response curve first. I've reviewed the Philips L1, the Shure 940, 1440 and 1840, the Grado PS500, Beyer DT1350 and DT48A, VModa M80, GMP 8.35D, Phiaton MS400, and the Sennheiser HD800 three years ago.

    Here's something you might find interesting that I did recently:
  3. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Hi Dale - Very cool. In the Blog area here just create a new Post every time. Then you'll build up your personal blog page with reviews. Other readers will then leave comments below each post similar to this one.
  4. dalethorn's Avatar
    Philips Fidelio L1 |

    Here is my review of the new Philips Fidelio L1. As far as I know this is Philips' first full-size headphone intended for high fidelity applications. I took a chance on this after examining the pre-production response curve, expecting to have to use bass reduction to obtain a reasonably high fidelity sound. And it was true. The bass was quite emphasized, and like every bass-emphasized headphone I've ever had, the bass colored up the sound to an unacceptable level.

    What was astounding however was when I applied bass reduction (iPod/iPad curve and equivalent in Foobar2000), the resulting bass sound was not only balanced perfectly with mids and highs, but was still strong and flat down to 20 hz or thereabouts. In fact, with bass reduction ON, the Philips L1 has the best bass of any of my current headphones (Shure 1840/1440, Beyer DT1350/48A, B&W P5) and certainly as good or better than any that I have had, including the Sennheiser HD800.

    Overall, I would rate the bass-reduced L1 even with anything I've heard in the $700 USD or under range. I have requested from several other reviewers that they rate the L1 with bass reduction, and so far all have responded but none have agreed to the test.
  5. dalethorn's Avatar
    Sennheiser PX-200-II 'EQ' Headphone Review by Dale |

    A real bargain here - a $80 USD headphone made to sound like something 3 times the price.
  6. dalethorn's Avatar
    V-Moda VIP Faders Review by Dale |

    The review explains why probably everyone should carry a set of these - they lower ambient volume by blocking all frequencies equally. Most unusual.