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Enough dealing with tweaking, testing, fiddling, dithering, pushing, moving, aligning, reacting to WAF-thwarts (see Jim Smith Tip #64), reading Jim Smith, and other busy-ness for a bit. After all, I have been rushing home from work every night this week to work on this NAD/PSB project. Further fine-tuning the new system can wait a while; I have a backlog of music to be heard (not to mention several books from the library to read). So I'm just relaxing and getting to the new (probably a month old now) album, Hysterical, by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I love this band. Have ever since hearing their first eponymous release five or six years ago.

In the queue: Feist's new Metals album, the Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack, Pink Floyd's Immersion versions of Dark Side of the Moon, the HRT 96kHs demo sampler of Shostakovich's The Coachman's Dance, my Audacity vinyl rips of Toscanini's Nine Beethoven Symphonies (1949-52) and more.
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  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    Sounds like a wonderful plan. The new FEist album is great. I saw Pearl Jam Twenty last night on PBS then listened to the complete soundtrack. Great stuff.