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The Glass Engine

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Today, I went searching for Philip Glass' Concerto for Saxophone Quartet, which I wanted to gift to my woodwind-playing daughter. (Btw, I did find that hi-res downloads, including DSD, are available at Cybele Records -- -- but I was actually looking for the Rascher Quartet performance; I may end up downloading these as well.)

In the course of my search, I came upon the Glass Engine. This is a novel and enjoyable way to navigate (dragging across a sort of timeline) through some sixty Philip Glass works, filtering by attributes like "joy", "velocity", etc. if you like, and playing them online while viewing interesting metadata. The Glass Engine does require that you have QuickTime (but not iTunes) installed.

Here is a screen shot of the interface.

As you can see, my investigations got me into Einstein on the Beach, a longtime favorite that I am now inspired to revisit, perhaps with a view to Album of the Evening (or it will have to be more like Album of the Weekend) mention/review. Maybe I will even get warmed up for this by re-watching the excellent Scott Hicks documentary film, "Glass: Portrait in Twelve Parts".

I wouldn't mind having an interface like the Glass Engine for my entire music collection. Try it yourself at
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  1. Mark Powell's Avatar
    I had never heard of him, but the music is something else.

    Wonder what the guys at IBM were on when they designed THAT interface :)