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A Curmudgeonly Top Ten for 2011

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Okay, everybody else does this around this time of each year. You will soon get sick of such lists, I suspect. Anyway, my kids and I play this little game of naming our top ten albums (non-classical and non-jazz, those to be worked up later) of the year. This, just off the top of my head in a few minutes, so I'm bound to have overlooked something (and haven't even checked out all of these on the latest iteration of the Cherished-But-Modest Chez Curmudgeon Sound System):

Beirut: The Rip Tide
Bill Frisell: All We Are Saying
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Hysterical
David Lynch: Crazy Clown Time
The Decemberists: The King Is Dead
Devotchka: 100 Lovers
Feist: Metals
Gillian Welch: Harrow And The Harvest
Moby: Destroyed
Radiohead: The King Of Limbs
Shelby Lynne: Revelation Road
Tom Waits: Bad As Me
Vagabond Opera: Sing For Your Lives

Whoops, looks like more than ten. Oh, well ... means nothing, anyway. (Ask me tomorrow and the list will probably be different.)

Btw, this list is limited to 2011 releases that I (or family members) actually possess. My lust/want list is bigger.

Disclaimer: Although it would be relevant to the CA audience, this list is presented without specific regard to judged sonic qualities; it just reflects what has grabbed me by the ears and brain and emotions and whatever makes it all tick for whatever reason. And you might find something you like in the list, too.

No hate mail, please.
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