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(Analog) Album of the Evening

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Last night, I heard something that I otherwise would have posted to Chris' Album of the Evening thread ( -- but it was not digital. I had my first listen of a LP, dated 1963, that I picked up last weekend from a garage sale for the princely sum of fifty cents.

Album: Beethoven Piano Sonatas No. 11, 19, 20
Artist: Sviatoslav Richter

The condition was remarkably good, including cover and inner sleeve, and the performance was very intense, almost wild. And it had liner notes by Igor Kipnis, one of my favorite harpsichordists. I just may try my hand at ripping this thing to digital form.
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  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    The best two formats, Digital files and Vinyl :~)
  2. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    Did not know that there was a rule against it. ;-)

    I agree with Chris, Digital and Vinyl are the two best formats.
  3. esldude's Avatar
    I disagree.

    I think the best format is digital. Next would be high speed reel to reel. Vinyl can be very good, but it isn't the best by a good margin. Vinyl is still often very pleasing, and recording that digitally is an excellent idea. Lets you play it conveniently and not wear out the vinyl record.
  4. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    into this thread!

  5. esldude's Avatar
    Well there never were too many R-T-R's out there. But darn those can be awfully good. LP's were cheap, reels weren't. LP's are amazing really. Reels seem even better.
  6. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    is there some way to get them?