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Amnesty International and Bob Dylan

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You have probably already heard that Amnesty International, as a fundraiser, is to release in late January 2012 an album of some 70 covers of Bob Dylan pieces. You can now listen online and pre-order here:

The 4 CD collection is $24.99, with digital downloads ("high bitrate" MP3s) for $19.99. I will be ripping my CDs to FLAC, thank you.

And here's the complete tracklisting:
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  1. wgscott's Avatar
    I had not heard. But, then, I have to read the Independent and Guardian in order to find out what is going on in my own country.

    So, thanks for posting this.
  2. goldsdad's Avatar
    "to find out what is going on in my own country"

    I thought you'd be an Alex Jones Radio Show listener ;)