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Welcome To my list of components - Updated FEB 2017

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Full Room View

  • 15' X 24' Dimensions w/ 8.5' Ceilings
  • Seating = Stressless Wave X 2

Computer Audio Related Components

  • ROON Server CORE
  • GEN5 INTEL NUC i5 w/16GB RAM
  • SAMSUNG 950 PRO NVMe M.2 @ 256GB Internal SSD
  • Ubuntu 16.04LTS

    ROON Endpoint
  • Sonore MicroRendu
  • WireWorld - Platinum Starlight USB 1.5m

    Roon Remotes
  • iPAD,iPhone,Dell Tablet

  • iXSystems FreeNAS Mini w/32GB RAM
  • 8TB w/RAIDz2 ZFS

  • Cisco Catalyst 2960G Switch
  • Everything hardwired and local to this switch - ie..No Routing Hops Involved
  • Component to Component Ping Times at or below .2xx ms

    Sonore MicroRendu Power Supply
  • Agilent U8001A - 0-30v Adjustable
  • Poor man's Power Cable

    UPS/Power Source
  • CyberPower PFC Sinewave CP1500PFCLCD
  • Capacity: 1500 VA / 900 W
  • Current Output Load of all items above connected to it = 90W ..Heh :)

Front End

  • Meitner MA-1 DAC
  • CLASSE CP-800 PREAMP (Analog Bypass Mode)
  • Shunyata Denali 6000T
  • Shunyata Alpha HC 20A Power Cord
  • DIY Audio Rack
  • Stillpoints Ultra SS
  • Solid Tech - Disk's of Silence
  • X 2 - 20Amp Circuits w/PS Audio Receptacles
  • Mogami 2549 Balanced XLR w/ Neutrik
  • Cryo Treated Neotech NEP-3003 Powercord /w Furutech for Front End Components


  • Pass Labs XA60.8
  • Waveform Fidelity HE MK3/HC
  • Poor Mans Cable Elevators
  • X 2 - 20Amp Circuits w/PS Audio Receptacles
  • Torus Power RM20 Isolation Transformer
  • Stillpoints Ultra SS

Speakers / Speaker Wire / Isolation

  • Magico S3
  • MIT Magnum MA
  • Herbie's Audio Lab Titanium Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders
  • Herbie's Audio Lab Titanium Hush Puckies

Updated 02-18-2017 at 12:38 PM by cjf

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  1. cjf's Avatar
    Well this sucks...My equipment list has somehow ended up here and I can't delete it.. O'Well, happy viewing
  2. Jsmith's Avatar
    Whe did you get your cat5 from?
  3. cjf's Avatar
  4. Nikhil's Avatar
    Very nice setup cjf!
  5. cjf's Avatar
    Thank you Nikhil.
  6. wanta911's Avatar

    So you use the rollerblocks under the amps? Can you comment on the difference they made?

    edit: sorry - I see you addressed it in the other thread :)
    Updated 05-19-2016 at 06:08 AM by wanta911
  7. cjf's Avatar
    Thanks Wanta911.

    To add to what I posted about the Rollerblocks the biggest thing I noticed by inserting them under my previous amps (Merrill Veritas) was a sound that I could best describe as a lowered noise floor on a component that already had a very low noise floor to begin with. Its kind of hard to describe but once you hear it only then do you realize that some form of noise was present and you just weren't aware of it.

    So there was a definite increase in clarity and I heard less smearing/blending of voices that are in close proximity to each other during a performance. As an example, when a line of a song is sung by two performers at the same time its easier to pick out the individual voices verses hearing one voice primarily.

    Also, fading music trails seemed to linger on longer and continued deeper into the soundstage towards the end of songs.

    The other difference I hear with the Rollerblocks in place is a sharpening of the bass impact from drums and the ability to hear more texture in general from any drum that is struck.

    The Rollerblocks certainly aren't what I would consider inexpensive "tweaks" especially if you spring for the Tungsten Carbide Superball option but I am happy with them and would by them again if I had to do it over.
  8. cjf's Avatar
    Updating the list with a few new tweaks and other items recently acquired.

    Two items on that list have been what I would consider transformational upgrades. Item # 1 was the addition of MIT Magnum MA speaker cables which replaced one not so worthy opponent and another very impressive contender. I was previously using Radio Shack and Marshall Soundrunner Zip cable in my system for awhile as I found something more in line with the calibre of equipment involved. After the Zip cable I was using Cardas Clear for a short while which I was very impressed with but an opportunity came up to give the MIT's a try and I jumped on it. Boy am I glad I did! The MIT cables with this combo has turned out to be the hot ticket and I will be using them for the foreseeable future.

    The other major difference was brought about by a tweak that I didn’t expect much from. That being the addition of Herbie's Audio Lab Titanium Cone/Spike Decoupling Gliders which I placed under my speakers. The speakers were previously spiked directly to the floor. Magico has been on record saying that their speakers should always be directly coupled to the floor they sit on and that is the reason I ran in that configuration for almost the entire time I have owned these speakers. Well as it turns out, apparently Magico wasn’t considering those of us living in older houses with suspended wooden floors when they made that comment. I long suspected that my floor, while pretty sturdy, was acting like a spring board of sorts for my speakers. I could easily feel just about every note thru my feet while in the seated listening position. Now with the Herbie cups under the speakers that sensation has been drastically reduced and the speakers sound so much more accurate in all areas one could describe.

    Next up, within the next week or two I am expecting the delivery of Shunyata's new Denali 6000T power conditioner and Alpha HC 20A power cable to go with it. This device will be used with my front end equipment which is plugged straight into the wall on a dedicated 20A receptacle and has always been that way. Getting a conditioner for my front end gear has been on my list for quite some time as I know going straight to the wall is not exactly ideal for any front end gear.

    One more item I am expecting to arrive in the next week is a full set of Stillpoints Ultra SS feet which I will be placing under my speakers in place of the Herbie cups and Magico factory spikes. The Herbie's tweak has proven to be a gateway drug of sorts and based on the results I had while using them I figured I owed it to myself and my equipment to try out what many say is the ultimate tweak in terms of component isolation. Will see if they stack up to the hype
  9. cjf's Avatar
    Another update...

    The Shunyata Denali 6000T has arrived along with a Shunyata Alpha HC 20A power cable to feed it. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the addition of these components to my system but now that its installed and fully broken in the answer has become very clear. I kid you not, this Denali has literally transformed the sound of my system by leaps and bounds. And I say that being as serious as a Heart Attack!

    I will admit up front that I have not been the biggest fan of Shunyata over the last few years and have owned several pieces of their gear in the past on multiple occasions. In all cases, referring to the older gear (ie..Python/Taipan PC's,Hydra VRay I & II,..etc) these components have always ended up darkening the sound and or did nothing worth their price of admission.

    Well, what ever Shunyata did to this Denali series has just changed my opinion of their new gear totally. All previous areas of complaint have been fully addressed this time around, it seems. It only took about 1hr after I plugged my Front End components into this Denali that I started noticing my self saying WTF was that on multiple occasions. And this was not the typical "growing of the soundstage" type stuff that you normally hear when someone describes such an event :)

    In fact, the soundstage did grow by the way, but not only did it grow it became MUCH denser in terms of informational content, layering and complexity. After about 4hrs of burn-in it felt as if I was no longer observing from a distance a musical event but instead I was now apart of and seated within it. Even areas I would not have expected to improve did indeed improve. Since I am using this device on my Front End gear only the last thing I expected to improve was the bass quality. Well I'll be damned if it didn’t. More punch and more texture between the various types of bass. The Midbass was another area that seemed to now have more weight to it also. Performers have more meat on the bones if you will. Snare drums thwacks at high volume now feel like a punch in the face where before they were more like a sissy slap ;)

    I could go on for days but I believe I've made it pretty clear how significant this upgrade has proven to be. Sure, its not the cheapest toy on the market and in fact its quite expensive with the power cable cost factored in. But with that said, the end result has been equivalent to a major component upgrade verses the addition of just your typical power conditioner.

    Highly Recommended!
  10. cjf's Avatar
    Last Update of the day....

    As I mentioned in a previous post I was expecting the arrival of a full set of Stillpoints Ultra SS feet which I was originally intending to place under my Magico S3 speakers in place of the factory spikes. Well I'm going to let you in on a dirty secret they don’t tell you about when you purchase these Stillpoints and the adapters for this specific speaker. As it turns out, the factory spikes on the Magico S3's are PERMANENTLY attached to the outriggers they are screwed into :(

    A quick call to Magico confirmed that the knobs are attached to the spike with high strength Loktite. I'm guessing the nasty red stuff. If I wanted to try and remove the knob from the spike it would most likely result in marring the finish since the procedure to remove the knob would involve the application of Heat and some untold amount of twisting and prying on the knob.

    I requested a quote for a new set of Outriggers without the Spikes installed but I'm not confident I will ever see that quote based on my conversation with the Magico Rep or if I do, the price will be outrageous.

    So with that, I decided to use one set of the Stillpoints under my Torus RM20 and the other set under my main equipment rack in place of the Herbie Spikes that used to reside under there.

    In the end, this adventure didn’t turn out to be too horrible since I wanted better feet under the Torus and Rack at some point anyway so I used this as my excuse to check that off my list.
  11. cjf's Avatar
    Updated pics and added details of my computer audio related components.

    Just finished revamping/updating pretty much everything in that part of my setup. New ROON Server Core hardware, new NAS, repurposed a switch and added a new UPS to power/support this little self sustained island of components.

    In this new setup none of the upstream components involved in delivering music to my DAC need to reach out or depend on anything else on the network since everything involved is locally connected to the same switch and is powered by its own UPS. Going this route made network related latency between components essentially none existent. Now Ping times between all dependent systems is at or below .2xx ms which is significantly faster than what it was before. On most networks this number is 1-5ms or more between, for example, a NAS upstairs and a Music Server in the basement.

    One other benefit to this new setup is that "other" network related maintenance (ie...rebooting main PC, rebooting router, messing around..etc) no longer interferes with music playback. It always annoyed me that I had to stop listening to music while doing these other tasks or that I had to turn on my big PC just to hear music due to it playing some role involved in serving music. Now I can just leave the whole setup running in the basement out of sight and out of mind. I can walk in the door from a long day at work and just hit Play on my phone as soon as I'm in range of the wireless router. No need to walk upstairs, no need to walk downstairs, no need to push more then one button. Nice!!

    One final note, if you have the need for a new NAS and the means to get one I highly recommend the iXSystems FreeNAS Mini. It's a very slick system with enterprise class speed/redundancy and more tweaking options than one could ever ask for. I'm loving it!
  12. cjf's Avatar
    Feb 2017 Update:

    Picked up a pair of Pass Labs XA60.8 Monoblocks which have replaced my previous Mola Mola Kaluga's. The XA60.8's are 100lb beasts and I cant imagine trying to wrestle the bigger Pass .8's after dealing with these "babies". The unboxing of these Amps was an event all to itself when you are doing it alone. You actually have to sit back and plan it all out before attempting to cut open the box otherwise you may very well end up injured or worst yet damaging the Amps. Fast forward a few hours later after many rounds of cursing and I was finally able to start hooking up the cabling.

    One problem I had right off the bat was that the binding posts on these amps appear to be designed to cater to a larger than 1/4" Spade. Unfortunately for me I only have 1/4" spades on the various sets of speaker cables I was intending to hook up initially. I'm still baffled by the decision of Pass Labs to use a binding post that doesn't allow a 1/4" Cardas spade to fit properly. These are arguably the default standard which all other Spades are judged against. Anyway!

    In the end all wasn't lost since my reference MIT cables fit just fine and I used the Banana connections on the Amp end to solve the problem.

    I'll report back later on listening impressions and comparisons after I've let these monsters burn-in for a week or so.