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exaSound e20 : One of the best investments I`ve ever made!!

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December last year, I started digging around the internet for a USB capable DAC, that could satisfy my fastidious ears.
Having searched for a month, I found the Holy Grail of DACs: The exaSound e20
You can read what this DAC is capable of here:
It`s truly amazing!
I have been an "audiophile" since I was about 15 ( 42 now ), so my equipment has seen a lot of upgrades during these years :) , but very few have made me go thru all my favourite albums again, like this time!
Combined with Hypex` Ncore amps, the sound is so open, crystal clear, and detailed; that I catch myself holding my breath, in order to hear all the details of the recordings :)
My once so proud speakers (Proac D25), are suddenly the obvious weakest link; despite having costed more than the DAC and the amp combined...;

George at exaSound has been very helpful answering all my questions, and I can truly recommend the e20 with all my audiophile heart !!

Updated 10-02-2013 at 08:27 PM by Brummle

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  1. StickMan451's Avatar
    I've had the e20 for about a week for an in home audition. It sounds pretty good. What audio player software do you use? Do you up-sample using your audio software or do you leave everything in native mose?
  2. Brummle's Avatar
    I use mainly jriver 19, and up-sample to DSD128. I also use foobar2k natively.
    There are so few dacs around, that are close to the specs of the e20; so it`s not easy to do actual listening comparisons;
    I did a comparison between the e20 and Hegel HD25, but the HD25 handles max 24-bit/192kHz, so had to stick with that frq.
    Even when playing 24-bit/192kHz, the e20 sounded less colored than the HD25 imo.