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New CAPs Build

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The audiolab QDAC should be on the market by now, I may use this with the caps project.
i have heard quite a lot of MDAC users have experienced audio drop outs when using this dac with devices running windows 8, will be interesting how the QDAC performs.

lots of boxes have arrived, nice fanless case, mobo, ssds, but the 2 components I ordered first the ram and CPU have yet to appear now 3days after the delivery date from amazon, so build is on hold until then!


  1. Redbeemer's Avatar
    I recently completed my build of the CAPS Topanga music server and am quite pleased with its sound. I purchased most of the parts using the links in Chris' article on the server, including the Intel DN2800MT motherboard from LogicSupply. Yesterday I received an email from LogicSupply that Intel had announced the end of life cycle for this motherboard; if I recall correctly, the announced end of life cycle was next month (July), although Logic Supply may have stock beyond that time. Also announced was a "replacement" for this board, the DN2800MTE (E for extended life); however as search of LogicSupply's web site returned no results, so I assume they are not carrying this part, at least not yet. So if you are interested in building this great server, you might want to at least order the motherboard in the very near future!
  2. bonkers's Avatar
    im now using the base design of the zuma, following Chris's recommendations for the intel mother board, but using an i3 cpu with 8gb crucial ram, in a larger Streacom F9 fanless case to incorporate 2 internal ssds and a dvdr.Also will keep to the win8 pro64 and Jriver software.
  3. bonkers's Avatar
    A nice touch today, I went into a hifi dealer to look at DACs and ask a few questions, I left with a audiolab MDAC ex display unit for 25% discount, so dac is ready now to finish the CAPs!