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pete fornatale

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two greats died this week levon and pete-someone else already wrote a sentiment to levon this is for a great dj
i grew into young adulthood listening to wnew(NYC) and grew into late middleage listening to pete yet again on wfuv(fordham univ npr station on ithe internet)on saturday afternoons on "mixed bag" what a joy the themes the music selections and the interviews
he was just a joy to hear and will be very missed
he now joins allison steele(the nightbird-"come,fly with me" and scott muni)
you can still listen to pete as wfuv has archived his shows and you can hear portions of allison steele by accessing the cbs museum of radio in nyc
i once wrote vin scelsa to use an entire idiots delight show using an nights lineup from an old allison steele show maybe he could do the same for pete
its nice now that almost all of the "underground rock" that pete made available to us as yuppies is still available with the click of a mouse for us boomers especially via MOG and the collections of cd's and vinyl we have saved
thanks pete for the memories and the education and genres you introduced us to and my best to your family i look forward to your book 50 licks
i will miss your show but your spirit continues with vin scelsa and jonathan schwartz bobmd