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MOG recently updated the Mac OSX desktop app

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do you get static crackles listening to mog
this started about amonth ago for me
the dropouts/barberpoling rebuffering and just plain stoppage in music have always been there and i put up with that but static is unacceptable with downgraded sound quality
i di everything their "experts" suggested:downgraded to version 10.3 of flashplayer newer version java script then on my own had time warner upgrade me to uberfast broadband roadrunner new amplifer and and updated router
this happens on all three browsers i use ie/firefox/google chrome
i am hard wired to internet for music listening/dont get static listening to hdtv via a set box or to my cd's/sacds/dvd-a
i use spdif out from my ancient hp mediacenter pc running windowsxp to my avr have changed inputs on avr still get static
i dont use a external dac, yet
crisnee thinks it may be my pc-i actually had one day(the day after tw upgraded me) of static free music then it started again
hope to hear from you bobbmd