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mog and spotify reception problems

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i have been having reception and "skipping" problems on both MOG and SPOTIFY for the last week or so(last 2 weeks in june 2012) i just get bs type ans especially from MOG is anyone else had these problems??
initially it was static hisses and crackles in all my speakers-i changed the input on avr cleaned the digital spdif out from my pc then it magically went away what DIDNT go away was the "skipping" during a song the sound dropped out for a nanosecond no music then the song continued that has not gone away-some songs it happens repeatedly others not at all
that coupled with the MOG player just stopping and one has to get up(OMG) from one's listening chair and restart the queue( this has happened since day one of MOG for me-a few songs then it stops or sometimes it plays for 1/2 hr or longer before it stops and buffers and i have to reset it)
asking MOG is like talking to a box of rocks- ihave changed browsers ihave downloaded the newest version of flashplayer then downloaded older versions of flash player this happens both the skipping and total stoppage in play all all three browsers i use ie,firefox and goggle chrome
NO ONE on the MOG blogs or forums complains or says anything about these issues
AM I crazy or is there something wrong with my internet carrier tw high speed roadrunner broadband my digital spdif cable monster cable highest grade but many years old now or my avr also many years old(to note i donot have any of these problems listening to dvd-a's sacd's or plain cd's via my universal changer in either digital or analogue multichannel nor do i have the problem listening to my hd tv monitor via settop tw hd box with sound routed via my avr and their respective inputs)
IS ANYONE OUT THERE HAVING SIMILAR PROBLEMS??-i can sort of putup with the music stoppage rebuffering and having to rest the music but the pausing/skipping in middle of songs is downwright aggrevating and its happening on both MOG and SPOTIFY and NEVER on PANDORA thanks bobmd