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JRiver MC 18/PureMusic

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i have demo of this
it worked beautifully
ie ripped discs via xld,imported ripped discs from iTunes,including dvdaudios ripped from dvdaudioextractor
then NO MUSIC-the songs play the volume bar works the wave forms on the analyze audio shows music to be playing
NO help whatsoever from jriver jimh/johnt
ALL I WANT TO DO IS DISINSTALL AND START OVER-i really like their format setup and potential
how do i disinstall the demo-dragging the icon doesnt do it it pops out of trash bin!!

ALSO purchased PM when listening to MOG with'playthrough mode' and Channel D Pad i get intermittent hisses crackles static and distorted music(otherwise sounds great) anyone else have this problem?
other than not use it any suggestions-I DIDNOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH THE DEMO-pm says thats impossible-that its a clocking problem with PM and my new gungnir-Jason Stoddard says no way brandnew macmini 2.6/i7/16gb ram>usb to brandnew gungnir>rca out ot my avr
thanks bobbmd