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OPPO 105D-JRiver19-WIndows 7-USB Help

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I am trying to find someone with the same configuration. I am having an issue or 2 and would like to have some thoughtful guidance.

Thank you, Christopher


  1. crystal-pete's Avatar
    I bought the OPPO BDP-105D because it can play (natively) almost every audio format that you can throw at it. It also has what is arguably the best DA converter in the business. All of my content is on a portable HDD which is connected to the Oppo via USB - the sound quality is spectacular!! The remote control app on the iPAD accesses the music library on the HDD.

    I know this site is all about using computer software players so I am probably not going to persuade anyone to ditch their computers but, for me, the KISS principal always works best. What is your main reason for using JRiver 19 ? Is it the sound manipulation features like upmixing, downmixing, speaker control etc ??
  2. Birddogthecat's Avatar
    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do want to use JRiver for the reasons you have listed plus others. However, thus far I have only been able to use JRiver USB to the OPPO 105D as a music manager/librarian. I want to use the JRiver Audio Engine and the OPPO as a render.

    I have 2 x 4TB HD's direct USB connected to the OPPO and as you state they work perfectly. I am just trying to tease out a bit more SQ using the JRiver Audio engine.

    Thank you, Christopher
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