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Official SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition with AudiophileOptimizer & Roon Thread

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Dear valued Readers

We'd like to proudly inform you about the new SOtM flagship product, the sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition with AudiophileOptimizer & Roon and take the chance to start the official thread in coordination with SOtM Audio and Chris Connaker.

The SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition is a joint-venture between SOtM Audio & Highend-AudioPC. For this high-end music server we are using the already well-known SOtM sMS-1000SQ hardware and combine it with Windows Server 2012 R2 and our AudiophileOptimizer. We combined the excellent hardware of SOtM Audio with all the know-how about Windows Server and audio high-end audio optimization of ourselves to create a "ready-to-run" high-end music server. What came out in the end is truly spectacular!

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The Music Server comes with Windows Server 2012 R2 (Essentials Edition) as well as AudiophileOptimizer pre-installed and pre-licensed. All Updates & RollUps of Windows Server are already installed as of December 2015.

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The coming upgrade for AO 2.00 is already included, so the upgrade will be free to all future sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition owners. On top of that the "AudiophileShell" is included as bonus. The AudiophileShell is a launcher Tool, it will make it very easy to launch your MediaPlayer, reboot or shutdown your music server, etc. By pressing "I" (a hidden option) the AudiophileShell will configure itself as Shell Replacement.

The image SOtM is using to deploy the music servers is made by Highend-AudioPC from A-Z, so you can be assured you'll get the very best installation of Windows Server possible. Alternatively you can choose between two software variants, the standard variant has no Media Players pre-installed and the second variant comes with RoonServer, TIDAL, Qobuz, Foobar2000 & JRiver pre-installed (only trial versions of the media players).

The unit is available in two colors (silver & black) and three different hardware variants: USB, Analog & Digital.

The USB version comes with a tX-USBexp based USB output.

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The digital version comes with AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical and tX-USBexp based USB output.

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The analog version features balanced and single ended outputs as well as the tX-USBexp based USB output.

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You can choose between various combinations of SSD's and hard disks, ranging from 32Gb SSD for the OS up to 4TB HDD for music storage. An Ultra Low Noise Clock-Upgrade (SuperClock based on sCLK-2224) is available as well for all three editions.

To see more details about all possible configurations, pricing or even directly place your order please visit: SOtM sMS-1000SQ Windows Edition with AudiophileOptimizer

Please also have a look at the very detailed guide (attached below) about how to setup the sMS-1000SQ with AudiophileOptimizer as Roon Endpoint.

Please don't hesitate to contact either SOtM audio via or us directly via if you have any questions.

Very best,
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