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I should have done this a while ago, but here it is...

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Perhaps I should contribute and write a blog that no one will read...

Anyway, I am continuing to slowly rip my CDs using RubyRipper in Ubuntu Linux 11.04 after finding that they do, for some unexplained reason, sound better than the rips done with iTunes. I do have some theories as to why that is, one being that Linux and MPD like FLAC a lot more than any other file type, and the other being that RubyRipper takes a lot more care to get an accurate rip than iTunes does. However, I transcoded some of the former AIFF files to FLAC only to find that they still sounded ever so slightly not as good as the straight FLAC rips. There is no one thing that could be causing it, the transcoding could be adding something detrimental to the file and I also used an external drive to make the new FLAC rips.

Anyway, here in MN tonight we currently have a Winter Weather Advisory, which if you think about it should not be an odd occurence in MN in December, but this winter, it is. While it is cold, windy, and snowy outside, I am staying warm by keeping the tubes fired up while I listen to my latest re rip, Beethovens 3rd and 8th Symphonies performed by the Minnesota Orchestra, conducted by Osmo Vanska.

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  1. The Computer Audiophile's Avatar
    I'm watching the snow fall here in MN as well :~)
  2. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    is better than being in it, I think...

  3. wgscott's Avatar
    It only got up to 69° F today, so I am compiling this for OS X.
  4. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    Sounds tough... ;-)

    Let me know how that works out, I may want to do that myself and use it to control the Sonore from OSX.
  5. Mark Powell's Avatar
    Do you Americans have to be told to expect winter weather in winter? :)

    It's 65 F in the south of the UK, much the same as mid summer. We don't really have any proper weather at all.
  6. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    but some of us do...
  7. wgscott's Avatar
    I compiled it for 10.7, the command-line only version. I can't get the ruby-gtk+2 bindings to work, but I think it should on 10.6.

    I think the ripper is basically a ruby wrapper for cdparanoia, which XLD also uses. If there is a difference between this and iTunes, I suspect it would be the cdparanoia settings.

  8. wdomeika's Avatar
    Whodda thought...

    Do your tires freeze to the floor of the parking lot during a January evening concert?


  9. Julf's Avatar
    Rubyripper uses cdparanoia as a tool, but does additional checking even on top of cdparanoia. So you could call it superparanoia :)
  10. AudioDoctor's Avatar

    Thats about it too. 1 cd is averaging about an hour for me at the moment.
  11. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    you compiled RubyRipper or GMPC?
  12. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    pour water around them while the adults are inside listening!


    edit: we have a very good world class Symphony Orchestra up here in MN.
  13. Julf's Avatar
    1 hour per Cd isn't too bad, after all - it's what it would take to play it at normal speed...
  14. wgscott's Avatar
    I compiled the command-line version of RubyRipper for OS X 10.7. What is GMPC?
  15. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    Gnome Media Player Controller

    It is what I use to connect to, and control MPD which plays the music on Linux.

    I have heard it is possible to install it on OSX, but I'll be damned if I know how to do that.

    edit: I posted a screen cap of GMPC up above.
  16. wgscott's Avatar
    You can install gnome and/or gtk+2 with the fink package management system. I can help if you decide you want to. Gnome runs a lot of background processes, so I would be shocked if it resulted in a sonic improvement. But I have been shocked before.
  17. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    all it would do is act as a controller for a separate MPD server on a separate computer or Sonore. Like mPad but on a computer.
  18. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    good point.
  19. wgscott's Avatar
    It is in fink for 10.6 but not yet 10.7.

    Are you running 10.6? If so, I can help you get it going...
  20. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    my iMac is on 10.7

    Huh, how do I install that?
  21. wgscott's Avatar
    Well, I just failed to compile both the 32 and 64 bit versions on 10.6, so you probably shouldn't invest any time in this (yet).

    But, to answer your question, I made a small website.
  22. wdomeika's Avatar
    I believe I've heard it on the radio.

    Isn't Garrison Keillor the conductor?
  23. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    and not attempt this myself.

    There really is no reason, as I got to thinking about it, the iPad/mPad solution works perfectly well.
  24. wgscott's Avatar
    You know you can display an X11 based program remotely on your OSX machine?
  25. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    Would that allow me to remotely display GMPC? And if so, would that not create the same problem of having GMPC on the same computer as MPD, considering GMPC would still need to be running to control MPD?
  26. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    no Garrison Keillor is not the conductor. The current conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra is Osmo Vänskä.

    Garrison Keillor does a radio show called Prairie Home Companion and is from Minnesota as well. I had the honor of driving him home one night after a fund raiser for a local politician. Interesting fellow in person.
  27. wgscott's Avatar
    I got it compiled for 10.6.

    If you can display MPD, do you need to display GMPC?

    Try this from a terminal on your OS X machine:

    ssh -Y audiodoctor@yourlinuxmachine.wherever mpd
  28. wdomeika's Avatar
    Sounds like a character in a Guy Noir skit.

    We should end this exchange with the sage words of Mr. Keillor...

    "I've seen the truth and it makes no sense"
  29. Julf's Avatar
    He might sound like a character in a Guy Noir skit, but apart from being an avid motorcyclist, he did a great job at the Lahti Symphony Orchestra. Since then (before becoming the music director of the Minnesota Orchestra) he was chief conductor of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and then the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, so in interesting CV. I have only heard him with the Lahti Symphony Orchestra.
  30. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    that MPD (music player daemon) has no graphical interface and is just the server part of the server/client relationship that MPD/GMPC have.

    edit: some more about MPD
  31. wdomeika's Avatar
    Second only to the Double Lahti Symphony.

    I believe the conductor was the late Starbuck Macchiato...
  32. AudioDoctor's Avatar
  33. chrisrob's Avatar
    I'm bummed that Orchestra Hall (Minneapolis) is being "remodeled" this next year. Very good venue...

    Vanska surprised me with the Beethoven performances. Good choices.

    Not quite up to "Symphonie Fantastique". That one was a ripper.
  34. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    is that they don't screw it up, either the outside or inside.

    I like the Beethoven performances a lot.
  35. chrisrob's Avatar
    I'm very hopeful that it will be a vast improvement...

    I shudder to think of the alternative.
  36. AudioDoctor's Avatar
    they are not going to touch the performance space, only the aesthetics of the entrance/front hall and expand into Peavey Plaza.

    I may be wrong however.
  37. wdomeika's Avatar