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USB to SPDIF converter or USB DAC with current pre\pro

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In looking at USB to SPDIF converters it dawned on me that I might just want to get a USB DAC for a little bit more money. Question is do I need it or how much improvement of SQ would I get with the USB DAC vs. Converter and my current pre\pro? I think I have narrowed my search down to the MF V Link 192 or Audiophilleo 2 for the converters however pretty lost with DACs “if needed”. MF has a M1DAC that sells for approx 750.00 has the features of the V Link 192 with a DAC. Any more money and I would just stick with the converter. I have an Integra DHC 80.3 pre\pro using its DACS right now. I listen to a combination of Hi-REZ music 24/96 and CDS ripped from XLD. I use a Macbook Pro for music server right now with plans on new Mac mini.

So any suggestions on either the MF V link 192 or AP2 would be great. Other converter suggestions welcomed. Or Do I scratch the converter and buy a USB DAC because it’s that much better in terms of SQ.
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  1. DBX Sharpe's Avatar
    I just got the Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100, which has one USB input, two SPDIF 75 ohm inputs, ans one Toslink input. I am very impressed with the sound, but I have not yet tried the USB conversion.
  2. Trappistmonk's Avatar
    Just a question to your config. You have a MacBook Pro and are looking at the Mac Mini. I believe both of them have a SPDIF out and since you are looking at this converter, I assume the Integra has an optical input. Why would you buy a USB to SPDIF converter?
  3. richardp01's Avatar
    Have you guys heard of a means to get a signal over wifi to a USB DAC?
  4. Musicarch's Avatar
    Try an M2Tech Young DAC. It is without doubt the best performing DAC under £1,000. I have yet to hear anything that comes close to it at that kind of money. Even better with a decent PSU. My own preference is HiFace Two with coax over USB - I use both but to my ear the coax wins every time even over really good USB.