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  1. My Gears ^^

  2. Genre tagging is philosophy

    I just spent the past weekend re-tagging the genres on all my music. My music tagging system has gone through several variations over the years and something in my brain hasn't let me stick with one system for too long for one reason or another.

    When I originally started tagging music I would put bands into what seems like the most appropriate genres. So I had genres like Hard Rock, Symphonic Power Metal, AOR, Funk, Film Noir Jazz, etc. Keep in mind I also used genres as my top ...
  3. Audirvana Plus 2.5.1 with PCM->DSD Conversion

    Quote Originally Posted by jhwalker View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kugel View Post
    Thanks for the reply,My dac ( Ayre QB9 DSD ) does not do this , I have to do from the Audirvana . The question is whether a sample etched , for example , 44/16 , wins by upsampling resolution ... if the information is not in the sample how can you make it sound better upsampling doing ?
    Please see:

    Q&A with Charles Hansen of Ayre Acoustics Page 2 | AudioStream

    for a discussion of how the QB9 does upsampling / oversampling.

    The real issue is
  4. Build and Lift

    This is our purpose. We are here to build and lift each other. If the world comes to us, it's because they need us. They need what we have. And what we have is knowledge and experience. We can use these to build and lift the world. Can you imagine it?

    What if the audiophile community decided that the "prime directive" so to speak was to build and lift up people around us by educating them about how to make the music they love sound better to them for a price they can ...

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  5. Mytek new dac Brooklyn.

    Quote Originally Posted by mumsoft View Post
    There is so much in audio (and not only in audio) that we can't explain, or only can make up some sort of dubious technical explanation for, it's sheer incredible.

    Robert-Jan Kamstra was here today, and he was so kind to come with his Windows laptop (huge as it is), and update my Brooklyn with the MQA activation. NICE! GREAT! THANKS! I don't mean MQA, but Robert-Jan.

    MQA will be the next item to consider here. I have one bought album from 2L and some (not all) free
  6. How To Explore Computer Audiophilia.

    This was actually a reply to a forum thread, but I thought it should have its own blog entry. These are a list of things to try to explore for better sound within the context of computer audiophilia and documents some findings along my journey.

    1. Studying and researching computer audiophilia with the following viewpoints:

    a. There must be a way to make digital sound at least as good as analogue

    b. Just as we used to do with Hi-Fi analogue systems, ...
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  7. The Amazing Mystery of the Moon

    Quote Originally Posted by esldude View Post
    I am sure we have all witnessed the rising of a full moon. What is a mystery and amazing is how the moon changes size. From the time the moon first pokes over the very edge of the horizon until it is higher in the sky there is at least a 3 to 1 if not a 4 to 1 size difference. And while this is observed by billions of people no one can explain it.

    How can the size of the moon possibly change? And why only the moon? What is uniquely special about it?
    Ahhh- this is ...
  8. This time it's personal

    • We can never hear all the gear.
    • No stereo can ever be the ultimate as next year's entry level model will blow away this year's reference model (as is always the case).
    • We can never know if any recording is accurate to any given benchmark.
    • Measurements are sometimes useful but ultimately incomplete.
    • We can never know what someone else hears or for that matter, why they hear it, too many personal and environmental factors to take into account.
    • The pursuit of greater audio can only be
  9. Awesome mixing/mastering videos from the masters

    Quote Originally Posted by tranz View Post
    I have read this strange myth about major label engineers not caring about sound here a number of times and am unsure where this comes from. Sure they have deadlines and large volumes of work, so they have to draw the line on perfection somewhere.

    These companies can hire the cream of the crop, and it is with any specialty where it is highly competitive, if you do not perform well you will be replaced. Add to that the quality of studio equipment they can afford.

  10. Moving on: An inexpensive ($20), but high quality, LPSU for my Regen cascade (warning: some DIY):

    After recently finding a (used) UpTone Audio MMK kit for a very nice price, I now needed a good LPSU for my Regen cascade, so the existing supply could be removed and used for my Mac Mini (as originally intended). I didn't want to wait for the up-coming UpTone "whatever-it-is" regulator. But the idea of a separate regulator module and a cheap raw supply sounded like a very good idea, so I looked around to see what I could find to combine it with parts I have hanging around and a little ...
  11. Powering a Regen cascade - one possibility (a 65VA eBay LPSU), including the 12V dilemma

    Note: I started writing up this project in early October 2015, as I was assembling the parts, but it has taken all this time to complete and refine the text for publication (it was not my highest priority, but worth completing).

    1) The Regen cascade

    My USB cleanup cascade is made up of two UpTone Audio Regens connected in series between my Apple Mac Mini and Benchmark DAC2, with both powered by a Chinese linear PSU.

    I was lucky to get one of the last ...
  12. "Temporal Deblurring", Deconvolution and what MQA Might Be


    The application of deconvolution to signal processing dates back to work by MIT's Norbert Wiener during the Second World War.

    Deconvolution is widely used to deblur signals in both the spatial and temporal domains.

    End to end deblurring of an audio signal can be performed by ...
  13. Thoughts about digitising vinyl...

    First off, you have to ask yourself "Why do I want to transcribe my vinyl?" Do you have a collection of vinyl which is rare and unavailable in digital formal, or are you hoping to get better quality than you can get from CD?

    If the latter, then you need to start from a point where you have good quality playback equipment and clean vinyl. Anything else is just trying to polish a turnip ... whatever you do it will still be a turnip. So with that in mind, do you have a vinyl ...
  14. Roller-type Vibration Isolation Devices info for audio

    In this BLOG post I'd like to focus on only the roller type Vibration Isolation Devices (VID). I'm not a big fan of springs, cones, or squishy things, as I believe them to only really operate as filters, shifting vibration from frequency to frequency with little real attenuation. I think that the roller type devices are qualitatively different, true isolators rather then just filters. Note that this type of device will only islolate horizontal and radial vibrations.

    I wanted to share
  15. Upgrade GPU for more CUDA processing power

    I built a new low acoustic noise machine for using HQPlayer on Windows 10 with exaSound e28 DAC (8 channel). This machine is currently based on Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH main board for their Ultra Durable series. It has USB 3.1-C / Thunderbolt among all kinds other very recent features. CPU is Core i5-6600T (35W TDP) and RAM is 32 GB (4 DIMMS) of Kingston HyperX FURY Black DDR4 2133 MHz CL14 and passively cooled Seasonic Platinum 520 Fanless PSU.

    Since the drivers for Intel GPU built ...
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