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    by Published on 02-05-2017 09:16 PM
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    At CES 2017 Tidal announced it was streaming MQA masters and MQA Ltd announced software decoding of the MQA signal. Two big items for all of us who enjoy music. Immediately the questions and conjecture started flowing. It's human nature. We ask questions and make guesses about what's happening, when we don't have all the information.

    Shortly after the announcements I setup a meeting with MQA's Bob Stuart to get more details about decoding MQA signals. I wanted to know the differences between software and hardware decoding and where rendering comes into play, in addition to many other items.

    A PhD isn't required to enjoy MQA. This article is my attempt at explaining how decoding and rendering work, from a civilian perspective. Most of us have seen the music origami graphs and deep technical explanations, but have no idea what any of the information actually means for us, enjoying music at home or on the go. I want to help members of the CA community understand how to get the best sound quality out of MQA. ...
    by Published on 02-01-2017 02:50 PM
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    This just in. Much more to come.

    "We're very excited to announce that Roon 1.3 is going live today! This is our most ambitious release ever – in the works for nearly nine months – but we think it's been worth the wait. With new streaming hardware support, audio processing, DSP, file handling, metadata management, and social sharing, there are new features and improvements in almost every area of the product.

    We've incorporated hundreds of suggestions from you, and thrown in a few of our own:

    "With the 1.3 update, Roon now streams to Sonos devices! This means all the users in a home – with one app and one music collection – can play music to Sonos, Airplay, Squeezebox, Sooloos, and any of over 50 Roon Ready devices available today.

    We've added a whole family of audio and DSP features with a 64-bit audio pipeline, including dynamic range analysis, EQ, upsampling, crossfeed for headphones, and adjustments for headroom as well as corrections for speaker phase and delay.
    by Published on 01-16-2017 12:37 PM
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    Note: This post has very little to do with audio and less to do with computer audio. If you're only looking for such information please skip this post. If you want to read an interesting story and find out about a good music related book, continue on. Much more information about MQA, after my lengthy discussion with Bob Stuart in Las Vegas, is forthcoming in another article.

    CES 2017 started with a bang. Thursday morning Tidal dropped 30,000 MQA tracks and everyone could decode the tracks in software, starting immediately. Music lovers everywhere were listening to old albums again for the first time. Some loved it, ...
    by Published on 01-06-2017 12:59 AM
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    Today was full of surprises at CES 2017. Tidal announced 30,000 tracks available immediately in what it calls master quality (MQA), Napster announced high resolution streaming, Pandora did everything except announce high resolution streaming (look for it soon though), MQA announced software decoding in Audirvana and the Tidal desktop app, Roon communicated it would have full software decoding soon, Chord announced the Hugo 2, Blu mk II, and Poly, Klipsch featured really cool products for reasonable prices, and I heard some great sound.

    Now, where to start? I guess I'll cover this is the order I saw / heard it today.

    Before leaving the hotel room this morning, I was able to release the good news that, effective immediately, Tidal was streaming 30,000 tracks in MQA, and MQA decoding was now available in software. Both of these are big news. Tidal was ready to go with MQA long ago, but the record labels just didn't have the content to deliver. Once the number of titles hit critical mass, Tidal flipped the switch on Master Quality. MQA is included with HiFi Tidal subscriptions for now, we'll have to see if there is an added cost for Master Quality at a later date. ...
    by Published on 01-04-2017 10:54 AM
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    Inside the Horrific Guns N’ Roses ‘Hell House’

    How a one-room space on Sunset became ground zero for sex, drugs, depravity, and talent in the 1980s L.A. rock scene

    By Mick Wall

    . . .

    Although it was Duff McKagan who had booked what Guns N’ Roses were already calling “the Hell tour” to Seattle, once they returned to L.A. in June of 1985, one thing was clear: with Tracii Guns out of the picture, the band had a leader, and that leader was W. Axl Rose. “Axl always had this kind of vision of where he wanted to be,” Slash would tell me. “What he wanted the band to be. He didn’t like people he thought were trying to hold him back.”

    With Tracii now out of the way, and the other band members unready to challenge a guy so seemingly set in his own mind, Axl was ready to assume leadership. Sure, Duff was determined to keep pushing forward; like Axl, he wanted to rehearse regularly and get the show on the road as soon as possible, but he would yield to the singer in terms of writing. Slash and Izzy, who were more involved in the writing process, were so laidback (and increasingly ...
    by Published on 12-27-2016 10:35 AM
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    Hello Guys - Just a quick note during this usually relaxed week between major holidays. I was recently a guest on The Next Track podcast to discuss DACs. The information is fairly light and easy to understand, and may be valuable for those who don't eat, sleep, and breathe digital audio. Give it a listen and subscribe to The Next Track is you're interested. Kirk and Doug are down to earth guys who love music and computers, similar to many readers of CA. I hope you find the 35 minute episode helpful and enjoyable. ...
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